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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

PTO fundraising ideas - Fundraising Stragegy...

Fundraising Ideas
Fundraising ideas

Most schools with a PTO are actively looking for fundraising ideas. 

From the year-round fundraising opportunites to the two-week heavy-hitting fundraising campaigns, PTO's seek out fundraisers of all types.

Now, what I am about to say may not be a popular sentiment.  I also may get some criticism for it but here it goes: 

Schools don't do a very good job when it comes to fundraising strategy.  

Many principals, administrators and teachers avoid being involved and leave fundraising to the parent group.  The PTO or PTA do what they can, but they may feel left out in the cold, unsupported and not welcomed.

If schools were to have a fundraising strategy, they would make significantly more money.  One needs look no further than the many private schools that raise very significant funds (on top of tuition) every year!

Concerted efforts pay off and that's what private schools have discovered.  Yes, they may be an affluent group, but that's not what makes a fundraising campaign work.  Now, this next one may be more of a popular sentiment:

School fundraising works when it is focused and deliberate.

So, I would encourage all schools and groups to have an official fundraising strategy.  A plan or outline on how to raise the money needed with as few fundraisers as possible.  Follow that up with making the fundraisers focused.  Then executing in a deliberate fashion. 

It probably sounds a bit easier in the above paragraph than it is in reality, but any PTO can improve their fundraising results!

Ok, until next time!

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