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Monday, July 23, 2012

Hey hey, it's unpopular opinion day! A post for cash-strapped schools.

So, here you go. 

Schools that are financially in trouble, should not be raising money for charity outside their schools.  Phew, I said it - out loud even! 

Now, I understand that there are people that could be outraged by my comment and I do freely risk criticism there.  I probably deserve it too but hold on...

The thing is, I'm not against raising money for charity.  In fact, my professional career relies on it.  I also know that part of why schools raise money for disaster relief, foreign charity or health related issues is because it allows children to understand the importance of causes.  It can also connect our children with the world - both compelling reasons.

It allows people to come together in support of something bigger than you and I alone.

My point is only that sometimes, the school itself needs to be that cause and we shouldn't hide from it or make it any less important than it actually is.  Sure, it's not curing cancer or ending hunger.  But what it does is encourage our children to find their passions.  In the right situation, their classroom is a platform for discovering an interest that may just change the path they take in life. 

We just need to be clear that it's not that a worldly cause is bad, it's just that sometimes, you need to take care of your home base before you can head out to help the world.  It's alright if your school is the cause from time-to-time if it needs to be.

Ok, until next time!



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