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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ideas for Elementary School Fundraisers and Fundraising Success! Pt. 2

The Goods

This is a follow up to Ideas for Elementary School Fundraisers and Fundraising Success! Pt. 1
You're hosting a school fundraiser and the last thing you want is to fail.  But there's something you should know.  Something that folks won't tell you.  The fundraiser matters.

So, I know how it goes.  Things just feel right and a selection is made.  The parent group thinks that parents will enjoy a certain type of fundraiser.

But, what if 'the goods' you are about to offer are not going to raise the kinds of funds you need, there is a problem. 

Here is a list of top-dollar fundraisers working for schools and groups nationwide today:

1) Gift catalog - this is a paper catalog filled with gift, holiday, snack, wrap and more.  Works like a charm and doesn't require much volunteer help.   Large amounts of money raised.

2) Frozen cookie dough - in demand, this product sells itself.  Trouble is, it's frozen and heavy so delivery requires some volunteer help.  Large amounts of money raised.

3) Magazine fundraisers - this is a product that people are familiar with.  The price is comparable as well to what people would pay at any retailer or through any subscription.  Downside is that it takes encouragement to keep excitement going throughout the fundraiser.  Large amounts of money raised.

4) School sponsored events - walk-a-thon, read-a-thon, carnival, auction etc.  Yes, these can raise significant funds.  In some cases, these activities involve exercise or are educational.  In some cases, the fundraising is not the main point of the event as well which is good for morale.  The downside is that it takes months to plan and can take many hundreds of hours of volunteer time to pull off.

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