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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Internet and School Fundraising

The role of the Internet in school fundraising is increasing.  Even though many fundraisers have no use for the web, most people have increased their electronic communication and overall electronic mobility.

Fundraisers that don't use the Internet

There are some fundraisers that don't use the Internet.  Usually these are door-to-door fundraisers like walk-a-thons or event fundraisers such as school carnivals.  There may not be much in the way of benefits for these events to go online but it's always a good idea to get the word out electronically using the school website and emails to keep people informed and invite folks to the event.

Fundraisers that use the Internet

Catalog fundraisers (full disclosure - this is my company) have been successfully using the Internet to encourage people to support the cause.  A product sales fundraising website allows anyone to go online and purchase products in support of a child and a school. 

There are micro-donation websites that allow individual teachers to make a plea for support.  There are also websites that pay back a portion of profits on sales to the groups.

Like anything else, fundraising is evolving.  Nobody yet knows the future of school fundraising as it relates to the internet.  All we know is that fundraising will look different in the future.  How exactly is still up for grabs.  It's gonna be fun to see what happens!

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