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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Teachers Hate School Fundraisers

It's pretty much a fact and it's understandable -Teachers hate school fundraisers!

They hate walk-a-thons, spell-a-thons and every other thon.  They hate product sales, spirit nights, auctions, carnivals, book fairs, bake sale, car washes and more.

I normally don't utter the word 'hate', but just broke my own rule to make a point.  The thing is, it's not these events in themselves that causes such strong feelings.  It's the fact that time in the classroom is just too valuable.

I suspect that assemblies, class photos and other distractions feel very similar to many teachers.

Fundraising companies today may be the solution to getting technology in the classroom.  Fundraising can provide books and supplies that teachers go without or pay themselves.  The reality is that one distraction is all it takes.

Teachers are not considering that a fundraising company could be their ally but when a fundraising company is committed to fundraising LESS but MORE EFFECTIVELY this can change.

I know a lot of teachers and they're not entirely embracing the fact that a fundraising company could be their ally when it comes to supplying what they need in the classroom.

But consider this...

If a teacher was asked to participate in ONE fundraiser and the profits would be there's to purchase supplies with, do you think they would change their tune?

I think so.

Now schools just have to discover the fundraisers that minimize distraction inside the classroom and the support from teachers will be there.

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