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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

School Fundraisers and The School Principal

School Fundraisers and The School Principal

Hey, your principal is influential!  He's also probably not supporting the fundraising efforts at your school very well.  Yikes!  The truth sometimes hurts.

Fact is, from this side (the school fundraising company side), when Principals are involved with a fundraiser, it's something noticeable, something tangible, something remarkable!  It's not uncommon to see new fundraiser records set the first time a principal gets involved.

I'm not making any sort of political statement, propaganda, myth or anything else.  I know principals are busy. I know many support the PTA and PTO, etc. but, the numbers speak for themselves. 

If you want your fundraiser to truly succeed, teamwork is necessary.  Your school principal is a big part of that.  With their help, Teachers will know that the fundraiser is important.  If that is the case, the teachers tell the students that it's important. 

This is the way things happen at school!

The end result is that the students tell the parent!

Next up...

What parents should do when a fundraiser comes their way.

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