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Thursday, May 10, 2012

As a Parent, What Should I Do When a School Fundraiser Comes My Way?

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What Should I Do When a School Fundraiser Comes My Way?

Hey, let's face it.  As a parent, we want what's best for our child.  We read to them, we help them with homework, we get them to school on time (mostly).  Stop to think about the things you'll do to show your love and commitment.  You tie your kids shoes, pack lunches and put permanent marker to brand new jackets.

Some parents do even more.  

There are school helpers, who volunteer time inside the classroom.
There are library volunteers who read to children.
There are crossing guards, who enjoy their morning coffee at a crosswalk.

What's more, there are parent groups such as the PTA or PTO that provide for the classroom as well.  The parent group is a volunteer organization that originally provided the little extras that made learning fun.  Today, the PTA is responsible for making up for budgeting shortfalls.  In some cases, this means they are funding music and art programs, buying books for the classroom and even providing the new technology inside the classroom.

School Fundraising is evolving.

It's becoming more necessary and at the same time, more resisted then ever before.  As a parent, you've seen your share of fundraisers.  And that's part of the problem. Too much fundraising is partially responsible for poor results...  It's very common for a parent group to promote something that generates very little income right before asking parents to participate in something that would have made substantially more.

School fundraisers are improving so you can feel better about the value and quality.  You can write off your purchase just as you would a donation to the Red Cross or your church.  The difference is, your school is a charity that puts your donation to work right inside the classroom your child sits in.

So, provided your school is not over-burdening you, what you should do when you get a school fundraiser packet home is PARTICIPATE!

Pick out your items, email family, post on facebook, bring to work, do whatever you can!   Write your check and promptly return to the school!  Keep in mind, what you're doing by participating in the fundraiser is putting an iPad right into the classroom.  You're keeping the art teacher on staff.  You're buying a book.  All these things help your child find their passion!

Everybody else is not going to contribute - You still have to!

If what I've said here is offensive, chances are, your school is not making important fundraisers important.  It may be that they've gotten into a habit of fundraising continuously because of lack of participation.  If you're offended, you may just be the perfect person to change the way fundraising is done at your school.  Here's to fundraising LESS but MORE EFFECTIVELY!

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