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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The 'Real' Reason the Economy Effected School Fundraisers...

There's an economic reality and it's not been pretty.  Foreclosures up, jobs lost, no money in the bank, no borrowing power.  These are real issues.

But for schools and educators who are accustomed to fairness, promoting a fundraiser knowing that people out there are hurting is often difficult.

It's human nature not to want to ask things of people who are already in a bad position - completely understandable, right?

Well, certainly understandable, but only if you know who is in a bad position and who isn't.  Schools have hundreds of kids.  It's just too hard to know who's financially strapped at any given time.

It's impossible to know who has the willingness and ability to give at any time.  It's even harder to know how much the students suffer at the hands of a fundraiser that doesn't succeed.

So, if you're the fundraising chair, are you making the judgement for people ahead of time, or are you letting the results of the fundraiser determine who had the ability to help out?

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