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Monday, April 16, 2012

Elementary School Fundraising Consultants / Representatives...

Are you using a fundraising consultant or fundraising representative to help your school fundraise?  Schools need money There are two different types of consultants out there.  Here is a summary:

First, there are fundraising consultants that are professional non-profit fundraising advisors.  I'm not sure exactly how best to explain it, but there is a business out there whereby folks who need to raise money consult experts.  These experts are capable of finding big donors and corporate sponsors.  They help primarily in the areas of large cash donation fundraising campaigns. Some may be experts in arranging grants.

The second type is a school fundraising representative.  These consultants help with organizing school fundraisers.  Mostly, they represent a specific company or companies and help to run a fundraiser of a company or service they represent.  Representatives can be in person or fundraisers can be managed over the phone.

If your school hosts regular fundraisers to raise funds, you may already be consulting with a fundraising expert.  If not, you may want to consider it.  There are a number of benefits including less volunteer hours required, more money per participant raised and the organization and smoothness of fundraisers is enhanced when good fundraising companies and qualified reps are utilized.

I am not able to verify if consulting with all types of fundraising consultants is free or risk free so you'll have to do some inquiries on your own.  What I can tell you is that if you're doing all the work to fundraise for your school without help, you're probably learning some lessons the hard way.

I'll include my contact info below but don't be afraid to do some internet searches, send some emails or pick up the phone.  I'm not a fundraising rep, but I know a number of them that I can put you in touch with.  Most of the fundraising representatives I know are more than happy to share any and everything even without earning your business so you should use them as a resource.

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