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Friday, April 13, 2012

Elementary School Fundraising Consultatation... Asking the Tough Questions!

What do you ask when you're in a consultation with an elementary school fundraising representative?

Do you talk about what it is and how it works?  Probably.  But are you talking about what your elementary school is expecting to make?  My guess is, probably not.  You may be letting a fundraising representative know what you need to make but it's time you asked them what you will make!

Hey, I gotta call it like I see it.  It's a tough question that your fundraising representative may not want to answer.  There's just a few tough questions that would help you and your school determine what will be the most successful fundraiser - even before you've run it!

Ask these 3 questions to determine just how legit your fundraising offers are:

1) What is the average student participation rate for similar customers in my area?
2) What is the average total dollars raised by each participating seller?
3) What is the profit margin I will be receiving?

With this information, you can quickly and easily estimate your fundraising success - even ahead of time.

Just take your total number of participants times participation percentage, multiply that by retail sale number, multiply by profit margin percentage.


100 students at 25% participation = 25 sellers x $100 average raised per student = $2,500 gross sale x .5 (50% profit margin) = $1,250 raised.

Then, just ask if there are any other fees like prize costs, shipping or any other minimums etc. that would cut into this profit.  Do this for all your suitors and you should see a big difference in not only estimated profits when comparing, but also differences in your potential reps willingness to be transparent, honest and upfront.

Ok, until next time!


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