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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Think This Can't Happen To You at Your School Fundraiser? School Fundraiser News

So, in the news. 

Tom Hanks blackface controversy: Conservative group calls for Obama to replace actor as campaign video narrator -- VIDEO - Fundraising News Article

In this school fundraising post, actor Tom Hanks is implicated in a 2004 school fundraiser gone bad.  A blackface costume and racist jokes just surfaced from a school auction fundraiser he emceed.  Not sure why it took so long to surface, but it's here now.

I clearly see Tom Hanks trying to move past the bad judgement of the blackface costumed parent and the obviously racist comments of apparent ass Glenn Frey.  So, I don't think he was taking part in any way, but isn't it interesting how important school fundraisers can actually be. How there really are ramifications and responsibilities and things can go wrong - very wrong!

Here you have a national celebrity, in a scandal over a school fundraiser - with complications reaching right up to the white house!

Yes, it's even a bit bigger than a local school fundraiser gone bad...  President Obama is being asked to replace him in his campaign videos!  So, I have no doubt that Tom Hanks isn't racist, but, what I do know is that school fundraisers can have negative consequences - huge ones!

If you host school fundraisers or fundraising events, plan and prepare and be cautious!  I know that this is a major reason that school fundraising companies exist.  They can remove the potential downsides out of a fundraiser, leaving only fun and profit.  In instances like this (and this is not the only one) schools can suffer humiliation and lack of support for many years following a failed fundraiser or a controversy.

Keep your fundraisers safe people!

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