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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

School Fundraising Disparities...

Disparities between fundraising results is an interesting one. 

Ask yourself if schools with higher income parents fundraise better?  Are schools with more low income parents at a disadvantage?  Regardless of how you answer, when differences in fundraising outcomes comes up, disparities in parental incomes is the first suspect. 
So, while everyone seems to think that it's the parental income is the deciding factor on fundraising outcome, there's an entirely different reality to consider - a reality where both schools have exactly the same possibity of raising funds.

What I can tell you from experience is that anyone can fail at raising money for their school if they have no goal, no plan, no reason for fundraising and no ambition.  The reciprocal is true as well.  Any school can raise money if they have a reason to fundraise and go after it with solidarity.

Here's the article that spurred this post:

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