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Monday, March 5, 2012

Ideas for Profitable Elementary School Fundraisers...

There are just a few fundraisers out there for large elementary schools today.  There's probably some good reasons for this too.  As far as back as I can remember school-wide sales have taken place on a regular basis.  Some of these sales created long-lasting successes and others not so much.  The thing is, many of those 'not so much' failures stuck around.

Here's some proven fundraising ideas that work:

1) Fall Gift & Wrap Catalogs
2) Frozen Cookie Dough Fundraisers
3) Magazine Drives
4) Well-promoted Event Fundraisers

In some areas and in certain situations, chocolate bar fundraisers are still working and sales are strong but because they may not work in all situations, I have not included them in position 5.

Like it or not, these are the heavy-hitters we have today.  Fundraisers like auctions and carnivals take more work, whereas the wrapping paper fundraisers and cookie dough fundraisers require very little work to pull off.

Hope this is helpful, but if you need any further insight, please leave a comment or find me on twitter at twitter.com/believekids 

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Chocolate bar fundraiser
Wrapping paper fundraiser

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