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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why parents should support elementary school fundraising...

There is a business that supports elementary school fundraising.  It's not the biggest industry, and because most of what would be considered 'profit' goes to the schools and groups using the fundraiser, it's not the most profitable or attractive one either.

We know one thing is clear, schools need our help.

The thing is, parents should want the fundraising industry that supports elementary schools to be vibrant... alive and well.  They should support the companies and services developed for them that keeps fundraising fresh and new; effective and successful.

From what I hear though, parents would just like to write checks for less money than the sales they would make from their fundraisers and pay it themselves.  I guess that's fair enough.  Of course, the logic holds true more in times of prosperity, rather than in our current economic climate.  There are plenty of folks out there that can't just 'write a check' and even more that never get around to it.

Regardless, I hope parents begin to realize that many fundraisers go nationwide and by supporting fundraising companies, parents in essence share the responsibility instead of taking it upon themselves.

Instead of a parent writing a check that is really more of a fee, if many people were to contribute, the cost is shared and a community is a community. The community supports the needs of the schools.  I believe a reminder from time-to-time from our local school is the best way a school has to remind us that our neighborhood kids are important.

I hope parents come to realize that community support is the opposite of just paying a bill.  The industry is counting on it and I believe our children are as well.

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