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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Brochure Fundraising is EASY!

You host a fundraiser... Now, all the group has to carry around is a brochure, order form and a web address for out-of-state fundraising supporters.

Yep, easy peasy!

Product in hand fundraisers, although, fine in certain circumstances, require folks to know more about what they are selling and have it in hand and in stock at all times.

A product in hand fundraiser most likely involves one item whereas the strength of a brochure is numerous items in many categories can be offered.  May as well offer something for everyone!

Perhaps even worse than only one product in hand, is that the sponsor of the fundraiser has to deal with the initial order instead of simply providing a brochure and order form to each participant.  This may make returns an issue or have to re-order.  Ordering with a brochure is very easy because there is no guesswork on the part of the sponsor as to what will be ordered.

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Easy brochure fundraiser

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