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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The value of a plan...

Sometimes, planning is better than just doing.

Case in point.  School A plans a fundraiser in advance. They have a marketing plan and execute.  School B just starts a fundraiser just to see what happens.

While school A is emailing parents from the principals email list and flying a banner above the school entrance promoting the sale, school B is unaware that there are any marketing advantages available to them.

School A is generating sales from Facebook and twitter, and school B has not even logged into their online fundraiser management area to see all the tools available to them.

Hey, the results are in!

School A planned and promoted and succeeded wildly while school B winged it and sucked.  School B wants to do something different next year because the fundraiser didn't work.

The takeaway... plan ahead so you can properly promote your school fundraiser!  It's actually pretty darn easy to succeed... really it is!

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