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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Events, Cookie Dough, Brochure Fundraisers - Gift Wrap, Candles and other Successful Fundraisers...

Hey, if you're looking for a high-profit fundraiser, you need to know what works.  You'll want to know what works for your group in your school and in your town of course, but you'll also want to know what REALLY works!

Without laboring over this, let me just tell you:

1) Fall wrap & gift catalog fundraisers
2) Frozen cookie dough fundraisers
3) Well promoted events
4) Magazine fundraisers
5) Chocolate bar fundraisers

So, if you are hosting a fundraiser that does not fall into the categories above, you may just be leaving cash on the table or creating some unhappy supporters that may not help you when you need it most.

I'll leave it at that and encourage you to find out more on your own.  You can leave comments below, hit me up at twitter.com/believekids or email me home at believekids do t com

Ok, until next time!


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