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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This just in... Parents believe bad school fundraising is best...


I ran across a news story and you need to see it.  Here's an excerpt:

"Many people don't like 5th graders trying to sell them candy, candles, magazines and a lot of other stuff they don't need. Many schools have switched to easier, fun fund raisers like community walk-a-thons. There's cash in recyclable trash: soup can labels and box top coupons worth pennies a piece add up to thousands of dollars for children at Shamrock Springs Elementary.
Not only are the fund raisers less painful, parents say they are more profitable. When a school holds a walk-a-thon or similar fund raisers, parents say it's almost pure profit. They aren't sharing 30-50% of the revenue with a fund raising company."
If you look at this with a skeptic mindset, you'll realize there's something wrong with the logic. 

First off, if people don't like being sold what they don't need, do they really need to support some other kids walk-a-thon?  People really, really, really have no need for a walk-a-thon.  They need food and candles and magazines way more.

Here's the real point...

A fundraising companies average sale is in the tens of thousands for a two week campaign so there is pretty much no way anyone can make the case that walk-a-thons, soup cans and box tops are more profitable. 

Because there is a cut of money going to pay for the products, parents assume that means the school makes less.  Looking at the numbers though will bring to light a very different reality.  Most schools make significantly more with product fundraisers than they can with events without all the work.

They can even make more without any planning hours, purchasing supplies or prizes, volunteer man hours, insurance or marketing materials.

Here's the full story:



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