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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Theater Workshop - PTA Rules Regarding Accepting Payments

Today, I just need a bit of help with something.  I ran across this article:

Staging a revival - The show will go on for Theater Workshop

Well, I don't understand.

Sounds like a PTA has some stipulations in terms of it's ability to accept payments for different things.  In this case, the rental of a school theater was paying for school programs.  When this PTA restructured, they realized they were in violation of PTA rules.

So, I'm no expert.  I hope someone can chime in on the deal there.  On the on-set, it seems legitimate for a PTA to fund programs on rentals like this.  Let me know your thoughts.  We can keep the conversation going on twitter - twitter.com/believekids or facebook - facebook.com/believekidsfundraising or just leave a comment below.

Thanks so much!


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