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Friday, October 21, 2011

School Fundraising for Literacy, Math & Technology

Hey, you know what?  Fundraising can make real things happen in schools and these improvements are not always what people think.

In the past, fundraising was for extras and for fun.  Things like field trips, annual sports competitions, sending bands to parades, extra camps and such.

Nowadays, when asking schools what they are raising money for, the reasons are different.  Teacher salaries, making up for general funds shortfalls, technology and educational programs appear to top the list.

There's no doubt a problem with the way schools are funded and here's a short article from a parent outlining why they are supporting a school fundraising effort.  In a nutshell, she can make a difference.

Take a look.  It's not a glamorous article but I found it refreshing to see someone acknowledge that there is a need and an actual impact made by just one person's donation.

Why I gave to school fundraiser

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