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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Event Fundraisers, Volunteer Hours and Cutting Out Your School Fundraising Company

I want you to see this.  I read between the lines here and realized that we are indeed living in strange times.  Just so you know, I have no problem at all with schools wanting to host their own fundraisers.  I just want to quickly point out is that in an effort to do the fundraiser themselves and cut out the fundraising company, they had to devote thousands of volunteer hours in exchange. 

Ok, that's about all I had to get off my chest today.  There are school fundraisers out there that raise this amount of money for schools and groups in just two weeks with little or no volunteers.  A structured fundraiser from a reputable school fundraising company leaves nothing to chance.

So, before you cut the fundraising company loose, make sure you have the volunteer base to make it work for you, your school and your fundraising goal.

$31,000 Raised for New School Playground So Far


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