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Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Good Fundraising Parent Letter...

This Fall, include an exceptional parent letter to enhance your fundraising efforts.

This letter home not only introduces the fundraiser but it is ultimately the place where parents decide if they will be supporting the fundraiser or not.  Given that level of importance, make it as good as you are able.  Hopefully this short post will help in some way.

Consider starting your fundraising parent letter with a kind thank you followed by a request.  A request to participate in the fundraiser.  Make sure you put any expectations on there - if you need parents to sell a certain amount of things, be upfront in asking for it.

You'll want to follow that up with a clear and compelling reason why you need to raise funds.  Being specific here matters.

Move on from there with the when, what and how. Put in dates and information on what is being offered and how to participate.  Finish with any rewards you are offering as well as contact information.

Keep in mind that easy works, so simplify as much as possible!

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