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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Think education is expensive? Try ignorance.

Haha, I chuckle a little bit when I hear this slogan.  If I may relate a story to you about my son's first grade orientation.  The speakers came armed with statistics - statistics that proved that ignorance is expensive.

They had stats on how early grade reading levels impacted literacy and before we knew it we had a statistic on how many jail cells our daily reading homework would leave empty.  I have since come to understand that these statistics are arguable, however, the approach is interesting.

So, this post really has very little to do with school fundraising.  It's just a reminder that the work our youngsters do even in first grade make a huge impact on their futures and their abilities to become productive citizens.

So, chuckle with me for a minute about this blog title and if you've got a young one, do a bit of reading with them tonight and leave that jail cell empty :)


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