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Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Inspiration - Creating and Recognizing Your PLN - Personal Learning Network

You have a PLN - a personal learning network.  You may not be aware of it but everyone has a PLN both online and offline.  Simply put, it's the people and places you go to for support on a given topic. 

Here's an example:

If you are a school PTO and you are the fundraising chair, you may appreciate visiting my blog from time to time.  You may also visit the PTO Today website or maybe you do a search for help with help throwing an event fundraiser.  You also have a friend in another state that is a PTO president whom you keep in touch with and you call a representative from the fundraising company you use as well.

All these add up to having a PLN.

You have a PLN online and offline.  Consider this, let's say you like fitness.  You have a local gym you go to, a dance class on thursdays and a private yoga lesson on Fridays.  This is your fitness PLN.  Chances are you also have a place you go to buy gear for these and sports drinks, etc and you probably get a magazine delivered to the house.  This is the environment around you that contributes to your knowledge and enjoyment of fitness.

So, here's your challenge for the weekend... Just describe to yourself a personal or professional topic you have interest in and list the people, resources and research tools associated with that topic on and offline.

It helps to recognize who and what it is around you that contributes to your learning and enjoyment of a particular topic.  Have fun with it!

Until next time!

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