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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How the iPad 2 Will Revolutionize Education

I spend my days creating effective fundraising programs so that schools can fund items not affordable without assistance.  Of particular interest to me has been learning devices that create collaborative learning environments and I believe the iPad2 does just that.

First off, apps can and will be made to fill any particular niche that exists.  What that means is if, as an educator, you want an app to test children's math skills in first grade, someone will make it and sell it to you or even give it away.  As soon as folks realize there is a market, the apps will come flooding in.

The device has officially crossed the threshold.  What I mean is that with any other technology that has been introduced, there's always a 'well, if it only did X'.  With the iPad2, that has been removed.  It can do X and there just needs to be an app for that.

In the last week, I've been very encouraged with so many teachers introducing iPads into their classrooms and noting the ability for the device to be used for collaborative learning!

For more information, check out this introductory article:

How the iPad 2 Will Revolutionize Education


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