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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Drunken fight between parents at fundraiser for Highlands Elementary

How's this for kicks.  Three dads nearly come to blows at an elementary school auction.

There is one thing I know... schools are not in the business of putting on events - especially events with alcohol involved.  So, when putting on adult events with booze, just know that anything can happen. 

If this were a night club, the problem would have been diffused within seconds, but at a school auction, most likely nobody knows how to step up and remove the tension from the room.

I have a suggestion or two regarding schools and their events and here they are:

1) Do not serve alcohol at any event that takes place at a school.  Realize that If an event won't do well without alcohol, it's not a good enough event.  Plus, sitting in small chairs drinking is just plain weird. 

In the end, if schools are to be drug and tobacco free areas, set a proper example by keeping that rule intact.

2) If you insist on throwing a fundraiser including liquor, do so at a licensed establishment such as a bar, hotel or banquet hall.  There are several benefits.  Whenever there are groups gathered, these trained folks can help keep the peace and limit consumption. 

They also take on all of the liability and insurance so schools do not end up responsible for any alcohol related problems.  On top of that, instead of providing liquor for free, it can be purchased which could earn additional money for the school.

Regardless, alcohol and schools don't mix.  I proved that in college :)  Regardless, here's the article:

Drunken fight between parents at fundraiser for Highlands Elementary

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Sara said...

Behavior like this is really deplorable. :-( Especially at an elementary school!