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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Teachers and Parents Relationship Important...

I just wrote a post on the educators PLN ning site.  I wrote it because I just released a book written by Hunter Thomson and myself entitled '101 Low and No-Cost Promotions for Your Fundraiser'.

The book outlines 101 low and no cost fundraising promotions that encourage fundraising participation, keep things exciting and reward sellers.

The point of the blog post was that the relationship between Teacher and Parent is critical and should be encouraged.  In order to give that relationship the chance to develop it requires, a few things have to be in place.  Minimizing distraction, adding responsibilities, disappointing parents, asking for too much too often and other factors all play into the dynamics that allow teachers and parents to have a trusting relationship.  The type of trusting relationship that encourages parents and teachers to work as a team to help children learn.

In order to create this trust, administrators, principals and parent groups need to be cautious what is introduced into that relationship and what demands are put on both teachers and parents.  Things like fundraising too often or not very effectively is a big concern.  Additionally, offering  products, services and events that do not offer value or are not professionally done can also be a disappointment that undermines a teacher's ability to include parents in their child's education.

Take a quick look at the post here:


As always, let me know what you think.  If you would like more information on how to effectively host a high-dollar elementary school fundraiser, just let me know.  Otherwise, comment below or on twitter - twitter.com/believekids

Book download is available from Slideshare - just hit download button towards the top of this slideshare page.


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