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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

School Fundraising Complacency and How to Avoid It.

Today, just a quick message and I hope it resonates with you.  This isn't just about elementary school fundraising either.  It's about things we do everyday that instead of dealing with properly, we let linger on and on. 

In our everyday lives, both personal and professional, we have things that we stick with despite the fact that we know we shouldn't. 

A Quick Analogy...

I buy yogurt at the store regularly.  The thing is, I get scared that yogurt will go bad and won't eat it if I believe it to be old.  When I am at the store, I know this, but I buy too many regardless.  Yes, I end up with too many and have to throw some out.

I could easily remind myself that I shouldn't buy as much, but I ignore my heart. 

Now, Here's a Classic!

We all know that AOL users have a fear of the Internet.  Anyone with AOL back in the day was staying with them because they were comfortable with the 'web' that AOL provided them.  The email and chat rooms, news stories and greeting cards.  Nowadays, most people have broadband but amazingly, they are still paying for AOL!  They profit to the tune of 250 million a year and almost all of their services have been free for years!

Stop Paying for AOL, It's Free

So,don't be happy with fundraising that is not producing the results your after.  If you promise yourself that you will find a company that offers the right high-profit fundraiser you're after, find it!  Don't just use the last company just because it's convenient.

Furthermore, take a moment to look into some of the situations you face personally.  Look for something like the above examples and change it. 

I know it's a hard road but if we're stubborn enough to put up with a situation that could be fixed with just a little bit of effort, we're certainly stubborn enough to stop at nothing to fix them too!


Hope that helps!   I write here at believejay.blogspot.com and would enjoy any comments good or bad below.  Go ahead and share the site address if you like the info provided.  Thanks so much!  Follow the link for information on high-profit elementary school fundraisers.

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