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Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Inspiration - Getting Outside...

I have Spring Fever.

I recognize that in Colorado, this may be a bit premature.  Regardless, with a bout of single digit temperatures and snow recently, after getting a few nice days lately, I'm ready for spring.

As far as Believe Kids and work goes, we have some great fundraisers, one of which is a spring flower fundraiser. I am anxious to get this frozen ground out of the way and then 'test the product' so to speak in my own yard :)

With respect to what you have going on, this time of year is a great time to really get some things done.  I hope you're finding only minimal distractions, allowing for more focused work and more time to play in the near future.

Personally though, I want to get out and about. I think we all have some pent up energy that some warmer weather will remedy.  So, for those of you in a colder climate, let's get out and do something as soon as possible.

To all you warmer weather folks...  Not sure if you will really track with this post :)

Regardless, let's challenge each other to work hard when we work and get out a bit with the spring coming.  Alrighty, have a great weekend (hopefully outdoors)!

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