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Monday, February 7, 2011

Embezzlement Happens - Resources and Articles for PTA PTO parent groups - Prevent PTA Theft!

Most likely, every school across the country as well as PTA's and PTO's will be handling large amounts of cash and will certainly have checkbooks and bank accounts.  Anything from a band concert, concession stand, school carnival or product fundraiser to writing checks for supplies or paying vendors is an opportunity.

With all this fiscal 'stuff' comes exposure to theft and embezzlement - an opportunity for a criminal act to occur.  Every school needs stringent rules and procedures when it comes to handling money and bank accounts in order to minimize risk.

Here are a few resources that can help you, your PTA or PTO and entire school limit risk of theft and embezzlement.  So, the next time that you host a car wash, fundraising carnival, fun run, rummage sale, school dance, safety fair or any other event that involves money or making or receiving payments, you'll be better equipped to keep everyone and funds safe!

Preventing Theft: Why It's Crucial



Hopefully you enjoy the content found here and share what you've found with other PTA and PTO members as well as administrators and principals alike. There's a lot to gain from safe, smart fiscal management and money handling. Thanks for taking a look!

Although, that last paragraph really ends this blog post, I have one more article to pass on. I didn't include it in with the list above because it doesn't really have schools in mind. The info is good and important though so, if you have a minute, give it a look...

Embezzlement Happens. It’s What Charities Do Next That Matters


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