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Friday, October 15, 2010

School Fundraising - Principal Incentives and Contests

Schools that focus on promotion succeed at their fundraisers.  

So, a few months ago I put together a document that would help school principals get involved with their fundraisers.  I wasn't going to do much with it and then something strange happened.  People wanted it.  As a result, principals started choosing a promotion from the sheet to do in their own schools.  I want to offer that to you so it may help you in whatever fundraising you do.

The reason this document is so powerful is because when it is handed to busy principals, they can find something from the list that will work in their school and quickly hand the paper back - even while carrying on a conversation and walking briskly. It's amazing that this one document, when handed to a principal, can generate thousands of dollars in fundraising sales in literally a minute.

Here is a link to a document that features 25 fundraising promotions for school principals.  These low-cost and no-cost solutions:

25 School Principal Contest & Fundraising Incentives

Hope it helps and feel free to share!

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