Elementary School Carnival Ideas

Thursday, October 14, 2010

School Fundraising Ideas - Setting up a fundraiser display

There are a lot of ways to get the word out on a fundraiser and as much as I would like to believe every school promotes their fall fundraiser with vigor, I know many don't - but they could.

Regardless of if you are a school that promotes or doesn't, I just want to share the photos of this display from Roxbury Elementary and maybe you will realize that you can do this too.

Maybe not in the exactly same way, maybe not as artistically and maybe not as good - this is after-all, clearly an artistic display.

Still, just maybe you can think in terms of what will take your school fundraiser up a notch or two like Roxbury Elementary did last week. What can you come up with?

Setting up a display with care let's everyone know that something is important.  We all know that things that appear important often are treated as such. Clearly, Roxbury Elementary school should be commended for their efforts here.

What most people don't realize is that this type of promotion can increase a fundraiser to the extent that other fundraisers are no longer needed at the school and who wouldn't want to fundraise LESS!

So, It's an interesting concept as far as school fundraising ideas go and also product fundraisers.  The moral of the story: do less fundraising and do it well just like Roxbury shows us here first-hand.  This is the type of fundraising effort that creates success and this is proof that it certainly can be done.



Sara Grey said...

Great display! You make a great point. A well publicized and well-attended fundraiser can eliminate the need for others down the road. A good showing for the fall festivals out there could make the rest of the year a little easier.

Great blog. Keep up the good work.

panamamama said...

Great display! I am working on one for our school and this really helps. I wish we had a space as big and nice as that cabinet. We're using a teacher's window that looks into the hallway, but think it will work! Thanks again.