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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last Minute Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

Ok, you've waited until the end September to find a fundraiser for your elementary school.  There's not much time left.  I'm not big on self-promotion, in fact I won't do it here.  I won't be talking about my company or products but I will be making a suggestion to you.

This is for you if you are looking for last minute elementary school fundraising ideas!

A suggestion that can make you tons of money in just two weeks. A word of warning though.  I sound a bit sarcastic when I rant about this stuff.  I blame extreme amounts of coffee for my tone.  Please don't be too hard on me for how straight-forward I approach this topic.

You have a good week or so to find a quality fall catalog or cookie dough company and get a fundraiser going. What you will find is that these two fundraisers are doing well right now and will work for your school...  for a few more weeks that is.

The reason these product fundraisers work so well is two fold.  First off, the school fundraising companies have a system in place on top of offering products that sell and incentives to increase participation.  Secondly, there is no real need to put in all the work associated with school events.  Hey, I'm all for school events but with just a few weeks of the fundraising season left, you can host a successful catalog sale now and still plan a spring carnival, auction or other volunteer intensive event for later in the year!

If your school misses the boat on offering a quality fall fundraiser, you will be so far into the holidays that making significant funds is much more difficult.  This get's into wreath and christmas tree fundraising time and that's tough for an entire school to effectively run.

There's only a few reasons not to offer a quality fall catalog or frozen food fundraiser at your elementary school:

1) You know that zero effort will be put in and I mean zero.  It's not all that fair to make a fundraising company do their part without just a little bit of excitement being generated on the school side.

2) You offer a ton of small fundraisers and get very little participation.  You don't want to offer cookie dough if you are going to get stuck with shipping costs.  It's expensive to ship frozen goods so make sure you can get over the minimum order quantities to get free shipping!

On that note, I better call it a day before I get myself into trouble.  I'm fired up!  The fact is, a good fundraising company is not out to scam anyone or make things worse or take all the profit.  A good fundraising company only exists to allow schools to make more money than they can on their own.  That's the case with my company and others I know about.  Find them and allow them to help your school raise more money, more effectively!

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