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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How To: All Saints Day Cleanup Fundraiser

So, it's that time of year - Halloween!  

Here are instructions on an easy and inexpensive fundraiser for small groups. It's the All Saints Day Cleanup, otherwise known as cleaning up smashed pumpkins from your driveway day!  It takes place on the day after Halloween.  But really, it's just a yard cleanup - like putting bark or rocks back where they belong, raking and picking up any trash in the yard.

It does take some organization and follow through and is not a big dollar fundraiser by any means but it may make sense for your small group.  It's easy to operate and performs a community service.  If you do this fundraiser, make sure to chime back in and let me know how things went.

All Saints Day Cleanup

Difficulty: Easy-medium

Prep time: 2-3 weeks

Fundraiser Duration: 1 day

Serves: Small groups

Startup cost: Low

Profit potential: Low

What you need:

Time sheet
1 volunteer per 3 kids
Work gloves
Trash bags
Outdoor cleaning supplies
Optional yard equipment (blowers, hoses)


1. Advertise in school and around the community up to a month before Halloween that students will be available to clean up yards the day after Halloween. Charge $5 per student with a maximum of 3 students cleaning each yard. Assign an adult volunteer to answer and schedule responses from the ads and record every persons name, phone number, address, how big their yard is, and a time students will be available to clean up their yard.  If you have the capability, using the web and email can make setting up and confirming appointments a snap!

2. Set a deadline of the day before Halloween that people will be able to have students clean their yards. Then contact all the students and assign them times, yards, and a volunteer that will go with their group to clean. There will be one adult volunteer for every 3 children.


1. Depending on what area you are in and how big or small the yards are, you can change the specifics of price and how many people there are in a team.  Make sure it's a fair price for the work being done. You want to offer a valueable service!

2. Make sure the adults leading teams know how to keep students safe and train students on how to accomplish the tasks involved safely.  This fundraiser is not worth doing if children can be injured in any way so this may be best for older groups.

3. Have someone who is 'that yard guy (or gal)' explain what you will offer and have them help to see things through. You know the one with the greenest grass in the neighborhood.  Ask them to help as they very likely have expertise that will help you. 

PROS: Easy to run with no overhead.
CONS: Low profit potential plus manual labor is involved.

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