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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why Working Together Works

The whole point in having a school fundraiser in the first place is to raise enough money for your school so you only have to have ONE fundraiser per year, right?

The reason fundraising gets a bad rap is because schools are doing way too much of it. Of course parents, teachers and administrators are going to get frustrated if they are asked to buy wrapping paper, cookie dough, tickets to a school carnival, coupon books, etc. Nobody wants to be asked for money every month. That's why one main fundraiser that is planned and executed correctly will generate enough money to eliminate the need for multiple fundraisers.

The most essential aspect in the whole fundraising process is working together. It' s been proven that involving the students, principals, teachers and administrators leads to a more successful fundraiser. Getting everyone involved and excited to participate is the best way to ensure less fundraising.

Here's how to do it.

A principal's email list can generate thousands in a matter of minutes. Encourage your principal to send an email to parents and supporters asking for their participation in the fundraiser. This is a simple task the principal can do to help the fundraiser be successful.

Getting parents involved and excited about the fundraiser pretty much guarantees more sales. If parents are participating then their kids are too. Urge them to send emails to out of town friends and relatives asking for support. Also, encourage parents to register online.

Incentives, incentives, incentives! Offer a great prize program that excites them. Have incentive programs where students can be the principal for the day, take a limo ride or have an ice cream social. Rewards and prizes make things exciting!

Teachers & Administrators
Administrators have to stay energized throughout the fundraiser. Holding funny contests, raffles and incentives will keep the students eager. Communicate openly with parents and parent groups. Be enthusiastic and support the promotions.

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