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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Question... Why do PTA members want to change things?

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I've heard over and over again a incoming PTA president is dissatisfied with the way things are and they need to be changed. 

So, what exactly brings about this seemingly common need for change when a new member joins the PTA?  What exactly goes on in these situations?  What are the changes needed?

It seems that communication plays a factor.  If I may, perhaps the need to feel that everyone is being communicated to about what is going on is part of the equation.

We know that being in a school PTA is demanding.  Not only is is challenge to create balance and properly lead but managing the number of project is monumental.  So, here's the question...

What is it that creates the sense that change is needed?

Is it the need for clearly communicating to parents the activities of the PTA?
Is is the need to improve the outward opinion of the PTA?
Is the need for people to get involved in a certain way a factor?
Is it to be more fair?
Is it to have more fun?
Is it to get more done?

Chime in if you can.  Thanks!

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