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Monday, August 23, 2010

Are You Creating School Fundraising 'Noise'?

I'm in a very direct mood today.  Not for any particular reason other than I believe I can help one person today which in turn will create more fundraising success at one school...

Are you the one?

Here is the gist.  Fundraising 'noise' is anything involving fundraising that either gets in the way of a school or group's heavy-hitting fundraisers.  By creating distraction, it creates less participation in school events and activities.

So, here are 3 ways to recognize a fundraiser that creates fundraising 'noise' thus throwing fundraising efforts out of whack:

1) If you are using promotional emails or newsletters to promote a fundraiser that makes $2,000 or less per year you are creating fundraising 'noise'.

2) If you are sending printed reminder notices home regarding a fundraiser that does not perform - i.e. get's bad participation, low profits or high frequency, you are creating fundraising 'noise'.

3) If you are offering something as a school-wide fundraiser that has a limited appeal such as makeup or gold parties you are creating fundraising 'noise'.

That's not to say all these things are bad.  The thing is, there seems to be too many things going on in schools today that are a distraction from core values and missions.  What seems quite obvious is that it would be best to fundraise once instead of multiple times...

it's just that simple.  

Fundraising once, however, takes effort.  It takes removing the items that don't work and doing more of what does.

So, are you the one who can minimize the distraction and make your main fundraising efforts a success?


Jay Moneta is the V.P. of Believe Kids - an elementary school fundraising company and blogs here at fundraising-advice.com as well as on the fundraising pln.  Please hit me up on twitter or leave a comment good or bad below. Thanks for looking!

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