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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Parents - Support Your Child's School Fundraiser!

This year, if you get a fundraising packet delivered to you from an excited child, do not recycle it.  Do not toss it.  Do not complain.  It's a real need, a real request.  School needs today are more dire than it would appear.

Plus your support means less fundraisers throughout the school year!

If your school is doing the 'fundraising thing' right, you will not see too many of them and it will not get overwhelming.  The school will focus it's efforts on raising significant funds on one main fundraiser per semester.  If you see one after another, refer them to this blog fundraising-advice.com so I can show them the error of their ways.

Schools are taking full advantage of their resources.  They are not wasteful and contrary to popular belief, funds are utilized in the best ways possible.  What's more, a school fundraiser impacts every child directly while they are at the school.

Other than donating time inside the classroom, is there a better way to support a child than improve their education directly?

I sound pretty darn uppety and I know it.  Forgive me.  I'm passionate that parents should participate in fundraisers and schools should limit fundraisers so parents WANT to participate.

I look forward to your comments.


Jay Moneta is the vice president of Believe Kids Fundraising and blogs here at fundraising-advice.com as well as thefundraisingpln.com.  You can find me on twitter and can check out the elementary school fundraisers available at BelieveKids.com if it suits you. Thanks!

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