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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Make Your School Fundraiser More Important!

Go ahead, be bold!  Take a chance, get out there.  Do something! 

Seems so cliche right?  The fact is that anyone anywhere can have a successful school fundraiser!  But it takes a change in attitude. 

One thing is for sure.  If you use a cookie cutter approach to your school fundraising, you'll get the same result time and time again.  If the fundraising results you get today are not what you want, you have to change things...  You have to make an impact.

Check this quote out.  I got it from a ptotoday.com school fundraising article entitled Dad's New Job: PTA President.
"To spur participation in the annual PTA gift-wrap fundraiser, Lovett covered himself from head to toe in wrapping paper and spent a morning in front of the school, holding a sign and waving to parents as they dropped off their children. “We had our best year ever,” he says."
Folks will say that this is a gimmick and that they could never do such a thing.  But what did Lovett discover by being goofy and putting himself out there?

That parents realized that the fundraiser was important to the PTA and the school and they participated as a result.

Remember to be bold in your delivery so parents know your school fundraiser is important to you!

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