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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's time for another school fundraising time management post!

Yep, it's been too long.  I cruise right along forgetting that my time management skills need constant attention.  Here's where I'm at and maybe this is similar to the situation you find yourself in:

Many small daily tasks to complete.  Some ongoing big picture tasks and a heck of a lot of ideas filed away for future use.

I am writing a list daily of no more than 4 things to work on.  This list is setup so that I can get the items done.  It seems to be working.  Everyday, it's a clean slate and the only challenge is remembering what to put on the list and keeping open to adjustments throughout the day when things come up.

If you are a planning a fundraiser then you know time management is a huge part of that. Focusing your efforts where they will make the biggest impact is crucial to the success of a fundraiser. Great marketing and promotion will lead to higher participation and ultimately more money for your school or organization.

Here are a few time-management tips I ran across that may help you as much as they will help me :)

1) Plan, Plan Plan
Instead of making a "to-do" list that's miles long, take a few minutes and organize your priorities. What is it that requires your immediate attention? Is there a deadline that you have to meet? What is going to take the most ammount of time/ what is going to take the least ammount of time? Asking these questions while you are organizing your tasks will ensure the most efficient use of your time.

2) Set attainable goals
Do not get overwhelemed. Sometimes you have several important tasks with a short deadline, or many items that may take a long time to complete. Take a breath and have a zen moment, then look at your plan. Set a a goal for the day and set a goal for each hour. If you break down your larger tasks into smaller, attainable tasks, everything will look much more manageable.

3) Give 100% effort
It's important to remember to give whatever you are working on all of your focus and attention. I know it's hard to only focus on one thing at a time when there are a million things vying for your attention, but I promise it's worth it. If you give one task at a time all of your attention, you will finish it effectively and you will know that it is the best that you could possibly do. Then you can move on to the next task and give that just as much time and attention. Not only will you accomplish your goals, but everything you finish will be valuable.

4) Eliminate distractions by taking breaks
When you have been working on one item for a long time, it is easy to find your mind wandering. Instead of trying to just keep pushing through til you get to the end, take a five minute break. Visit your favorite website, get up and walk around, go outside, call a friend or family member. Don't look at these things as a distraction, sometimes it's important to back away from your work for awhile to gain fresh perspective later on. This will make you more efficient, and keep your mind fresh.

5) Don't procrastinate
Plan early and give yourself plenty of time to finish your tasks so you are not waiting until the very last minute to finish something. Stick to your plan and don't put things off. The reason you took the time to organize your tasks and make a plan was to avoid procrastination and rushing at the last minute. So stick to it!


Time Management said...

I have been using a Time Management software that keeps track of what needs to be done with my work daily.

BelieveJay said...

Wow, great comment! Thanks for pointing that out. Although, I am not using time management software I would recommend it.

I do use a program called stickynotes that keeps my simple priorities on my desktop but it's not really time management software.

Thanks for your comment!!!