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Monday, August 2, 2010

Cookie dough fundraising in a bad economy.

There are a few things that still sell well in a bad economy.  Food is at the top of that list.  So, if you are a school or large group considering a school fundraiser, a frozen cookie dough fundraiser may just be for you.

Food sells.

There are certainly some folks out there that would tell you that product fundraisers are not working.  Don't believe them.  Event fundraising is suffering along with any other fundraiser out there.  There is no magic and there is a formula.  In my opinion it looks like this:

• Pick a reputable thing to sell or a quality event to host
• Have an average sale or donation amount high as you can (or reach a lot more people)
• Extend the sale beyond just the school's parents
• Offer a product or service the public understands and will get behind

Selling something such as frozen cookie dough fits these criteria because the average sale is high, people are accustomed to the product and the community will purchase it without reservation.

Sick of hearing about the economy?

Me too.  Anyone can put the fears of the economy behind them when they realize others are succeeding and taking their fundraising revenue over the top!  Gone are the days where you just receive a fundraising packet and it is what it is.  If you really want to succeed, you need a plan and will have to put time and effort into it in some way. 

Pick a reputable fundraising company, put promotions into place, market effectively and reward students and sellers and you will reverse the effects of the economy with your next frozen cookie dough fundraiser.


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