Elementary School Carnival Ideas

Friday, August 20, 2010

25 School Principal Contest & Fundraising Incentives

Check out this SlideShare Presentation: We just put this one together to outline some of the contests and promotions school principals can offer up that can significantly improve the results of their fundraising efforts.


Charity Donations said...

You can use online apps available on Facebook to help raise money by sharing with your friends, school/college, neighbor anyone you have relation with. Anyone can create online fundraising pages for their favorite nonprofit organization and use Facebook to promote and raise fund.

Mark Martin said...

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Some parents and schools are now having to resort to extensive fundraising, including in one case having to raise $300,000 in six months to close budget gaps in order to keep Cordova Lane Elementary School (Sacramento, California) open.
Established in 1965, the Commission on Economic Opportunity (CEO) is a multi-service nonprofit dedicated to combating poverty amongst lower-income families and individuals. The CEO is credited with founding several organizations and programs that benefit children in need, encourage constructive youth development services and scholarships, conservation for energy and the environment, as well as in-home services to promote independence in the elderly and disabled.