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Monday, July 26, 2010

Your PTO Should Have Some Fun!

If you're in a PTO and you're not having fun - STOP!

You owe it to yourself, your fellow PTO members and your school to stop, take a step back and re-evaluate. 

You and your PTO group should be having fun!

So, instead of being passive and behind or whatever else may be impacting your collective happiness, start the year off with these helpful hints:

1) Survey parents.  Ask parents what fun events they would like to attend and what theme they would like for the events.  Parents who have 'bought in' so to speak will be happier and more supportive of the events.

2) Outline your year.  Provide an outline to administration and the principal that has the event titles and descriptions, cost and manpower estimates and any outcomes you would anticipate.  With everyone 'in the know', you will have little or no resistance to creating successful and fun events under the terms you outlined!

3) Don't take on too much.  If possible, focus your efforts on fewer overall items but be determined to do each of these efforts with vigor and excellence.  If you can achieve high marks on fewer efforts, you will have not only have more success but you will have more fun!


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