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Friday, July 30, 2010

Why Cheerleaders Break the Fundraising Mold...

It's hard to compete with an entire schools fundraising efforts but there is one group that can compete - Cheerleaders.

Out of all of the groups we fundraise with at Believe Kids Fundraising, Cheerleaders consistently outsell other groups.  So, here are a few tips for cheerleading squads considering doing a school fundraiser:

1) Create a successful team - adults and students on the squad should work together to plan their fundraisers!  Are there any parents that would volunteer to help your squad with fundraising efforts?

2) Have a compelling reason to raise funds - don't raise money if you don't need it but when you do, make sure the reason is strong enough for the community to want to get involved. Being able to express the importance to the group is necessary.

3) Be fair and reasonable - Keep your products and services affordable so they have sufficient value.  There is nothing worse than going through the motions of fundraising only to create what people feel is a 'ripoff' or a bad value.

4) Fundraise at the right time - Picking the right time to host your fundraiser is very important.  Make sure the squad will have the ability to focus on raising funds.  For that reason, avoid competitions and times of vacation or travel.  Hosting a fundraiser during exams is also avoidable.

5) Consider using a school fundraising company - Although many fundraisers can be successfully held without professionals, you may be surprised at how much can be raised through an organization that specializes in school fundraising.

6) Have fun!  There are a lot of lessons to be learned in life and fundraising teaches many of them.  The thing is, no fundraiser is worth doing if the groups is setup for failure.  Have an attainable goal and then have fun raising money and everyone wins!

Go team!


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1 comment:

Rob Hampson said...

First of all, great article! You've got some really great advice here.

I would just like to add a point to why cheerleaders do so well with their fundraising...

Enthusiasm and passion! If someone had to ask you to describe a cheerleaders character you would probably use a few of the following words... passionate, full of life, bubbly, excitable, friendly, energetic.

Simply cheerleaders walk with a smile on their faces and a skip in their step. Add that to any fundraiser, whether it's selling products or asking for donations and you've got the perfect combination.

Quite simply no one wants to buy or donate to someone who is dull and boring... They want the opposite, they want what cheerleaders are!