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Friday, July 30, 2010

Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

Elementary schools all across the nation are being affected by budget cuts.  School programs are being cut, there are less teachers and less money to purchase much needed supplies and technology for learning.

Having said that, there have also been a number of changes in the fundraising industry.  The economy has taken a toll on several industries and some school fundraising companies have not been able to adapt. 

Today, parent groups such as PTA, PTO, PTSA and PTSO groups want to do their own thing.  They want exciting, new and unique school fundraisers.  The thing about new and unique is that sometimes it doesn't perform.

So, if you are a parent group such as a PTA, PTO, PTSA or PTSO and you have not chosen your fundraiser, keep the following in mind:

The numbers won't lie.

Any fundraising company you consider needs to be able to offer you a sales history so you know what to expect.  You take what you know about your past sales and determine if a fundraiser will perform for you or not.  If something seems out of place when you speak to a fundraising company you will know they just want to earn your business and not keep it.

Elementary school fundraising companies should want to offer you their REAL sales figures.  This protects the school from estimating their income too high and being disappointed and it but the fundraising company will look great when it sells in excess of what it estimated.

In the end, when you choose an elementary school fundraiser, get the numbers and compare them against what you know about your past sales.  If you are going through the trouble of fundraising, make it count! 

If you want new and unique elementary school fundraising ideas and you don't get the estimated sales figures, don't be surprised at the results!


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