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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

PTA Fundraising Ideas

PTA Fundraising Ideas
Yes, if you are in a PTA, you're in the market for some PTA Fundraising Ideas!

Well...  You've come to the right place.

First off, I believe that school fundraising is changing.  I believe that PTA's want to do their own thing.  I also think that school fundraising companies are trying harder and harder to convince schools that they have the right stuff. 

The fact is... 

Fundraising companies, by and large, have no idea what makes a successful PTA fundraiser.  I know fundraising companies are well-intentioned - It's just that they focus on getting your business and not producing results.

My company offers what I know are the best PTA Fundraising Ideas But, I think it's better that we go over a few things before it will become clearer why we offer what we do.  I don't even point these out because I am trying to get your business.  It's that I believe in a new way of fundraising:

1) Fewer fundraisers are the way to go. 

One main fundraiser per semester, with focused marketing and promotion will outsell a string of low-grossing fundraisers.

2) School fundraising companies vary.

A company that is not concerned about the outcome of your school fundraiser or providing the programs and incentives to help you achieve your goal is not for you.

3) You need programs and promotions.

A good fundraising company will have promotions and incentives that you can use to increase your business.  I don't really mean the stuff from the past.  I mean new and exciting ways to increase interest in the school fundraiser.

4) Have a solid strategy.

The strategy is why I pass on the link below to you.  It's because the fundraiser is a stand-alone heavy-hitting fundraiser.  It's got all the bells and whistles plus a bunch more to get everyone involved and excited.  This produces results well above and beyond your average fundraiser!

So, it's O.K., you can take just a minute and peek at the PTA Fundraising Ideas listed here.

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