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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Easy Fundraising Ideas for Elementary Schools

There are several easy fundraising ideas that elementary schools can use to raise significant funds within a short period of time.  Here is one fundraising idea for larger groups:

Frozen cookie dough is an easy fundraising idea for larger groups with some history of fundraising sales.  This is not a fundraiser for a small group because there are shipping minimums to reach.

Why it works? 

Frozen cookie dough fundraisers are easy because the product sells!  Parents are quite used to how these sales work and they trust they will receive value and a quality product.

A few things to consider...

Get expert help.  It's best to get some expert advice.  Free fundraising advice is available by calling your fundraising company.  If you've no company leave a comment for me here below or hit me up on twitter for some honest advice.

You will need some help on delivery day.  If you are considering flying solo on a school-wide fundraiser such as a Cookie Dough Fundraising program get help. Boxes are heavy and there may just be a lot of them.

Teamwork is the key.  As with any school-wide fundraiser, you will get out more if you work together.  Simply put, the PTA or PTO along with principals, administrators and teachers have more to do with the success of your fundraiser than the fundraiser itself. 

Having said that, a high average sale helps!  Fortunately, Cookie Dough Fundraising has high averages.  Look for $13-$15 per item and then put a solid team of experts and faculty that will work together and you've got a winning combination!

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