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Friday, July 23, 2010

How to Increase School Fundraising Revenue

There are several very easy ways to increase your fundraising revenue and I personally guarantee every one of the following 3 methods works.

1) Involve the principal - if you get the principal on your side, excited and throwing contests, greeting parents on kickoff day, etc. more money will be raised.

2) Start earlier - if you have a profitable fundraiser that you can start earlier in the school year, your school will raise more.  There is a lot more fundraising competition later in the year.  The second or third week of school is the best time to hold a school-wide fundraiser.

3) Reward sellers - Anytime you can get parents and children excited, you win!  Consider a prize program or another incentive to offer children.  It's proven that they will work harder for a cause if there is a personal reward to earn.

Hope that helps!


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