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Friday, July 23, 2010

Easy School Fundraisers that Do Not Involve Selling...

There are several different types of folks out there that are involved with the fundraising at their schools, but a few commonalities exist among school principals, administrators and parent groups.

Everyone is searching for the easy money.

Hey, who can blame them? There's no way one can blame a school for wanting to get money the easiest way possible? After all, schools are in the education business, not venture capital. I believe school reform requires budgetary reform and I do not believe schools waste resources as some folks I read about suggest.

I am a fan of schools just cashing checks.

The problem is that nobody has the check to write today. So, schools everywhere are left to wonder what the best way is to raise money for their school.

Anyone researching fundraisers is on the lookout for easy school fundraisers that do not involve selling or just a fundraiser that is easy. They want new and fresh fundraising ideas - they want originality and excitement. They want the approval of parents.

And they want to raise thousands of dollars in just a few weeks.

Now, I suggest a balanced approach where there is one main traditional fundraiser per semester. I believe in putting every possible marketing effort and placing the utmost importance on just this one fundraiser. This will most effectively cover the many thousands of dollars in a few weeks rule above.

Obviously, I have my professional opinions here which could be viewed as a conflict of interest. It's just that I believe a proven traditional product such as a catalog sale, a frozen cookie dough fundraiser or a large school-wide event is the way to go for this main fundraiser.

I accept schools and parent groups desire for something fresh and new and there is plenty of room for other efforts. Which takes me back to balance. If you do a large fundraiser let's say and it's two weeks in duration. There is certainly other opportunities to fundraise throughout the year. I believe it's best to take your chances on new, unique, environmentally or safety driven efforts after the main fundraiser of the year is over. I do recommend fewer fundraisers wherever possible.

Minimize risk

Every PTA, PTO, PTSA and PTSO wants to do their own thing. But perhaps the best way to do that is to fundraise effectively - and do it less. If you take chances and change dramatically on your main fundraising efforts, will the school fail to raise the same amount of money?

This isn't really for me to dictate because schools have a wide range of fundraising efforts. So, here I pose the all important question to you...

What fundraising efforts that do not involve selling are not only easy but raising significant funds? I'm very curious if there are any fundraisers out there that fit the bill.

If you would, please comment below or hit me up on twitter - twitter.com/believekids

I would be very interested in your feedback.


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