Elementary School Carnival Ideas

Monday, April 29, 2013

Free Elementary School Fundraising Samples & Info...

In your travels you'll run across many fundraisers.  The thing is, how do you know which fundraiser is right for your school or group?

The decision process you go through should go further than just feeling right.  Your decision should be based on what is right for your school at the time you will be running it.

Things like 'I need the highest amount of money that can be raised' or 'This is a secondary fundraiser' are important to know.

If you decide you need to raise top-dollar, there are only a few companies that can do that effectively for you, without adding work to your already busy schedules (or interrupting class time).

Go ahead and follow the instructions on the video to get elementary school fundraising information from Believe Kids BEFORE you make your next fundraising decision.

Thanks much!!!

http://believekids.com/ is direct link - click on Free Info Kit on the top of the page.

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